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Generic Vs brand

Generic medicines are nothing but the qualitative replicas of branded drugs. The branded drugs are patented. The working mechanism of both branded and generic medications are equivalent. They may however differ in appearance and looks.

Brand Cialis Vs Brand Viagra

Generic Cialis is a very powerful drug form that serves as best solution to fight Ed. The medicine works faster and delivers desirable results with leaving a long lasting impact for around 36 hours. The generic form is a potential solution that works by improving overall male abilities.

Working mechanism of Brand Cialis:

Brand Cialis is an oral anti-impotence medication. It functions for a period of 36 hours. This drug enhances the blood flow to the genital organ within 30 minutes of the consumption. This enables the man suffering from erectile dysfunction to have a healthy erection.

Does Brand Cialis have any influence on one’s libido?

Brand Viagra does not have any influence on one’s libido. It works only with stimulation. This drug is capable of enriching one’s erection in case of the person suffering from erectile dysfunction. In this case the person is not able to attain erection as the blood flow to the genital organ is restricted.

Why generic drugs are inexpensive?

Generic drugs and medicines are offered online at reasonable prices suiting the needs of the common man. The cost of production is very high in case of branded medications as they spend abundantly on advertising and promotion. They rather prefer to provide online buyers with quality generics at cheap rates.

What cautions must one keep in mind while consuming Brand Cialis?

One must not consume more than one tablet in a day. Overdose is strictly forbidden. Also minors and women must keep away from the consumption of this medication.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide and try our level best in delivering the products next to your door step within desired period of time.

What are online pharmacies?

Online pharmacies are the ones where the consumer can purchase medications online. These online pharmacies make the purchase effortless. They operate globally. These online pharmacies are revolutionary and have made a significant impact. The advantages of purchasing online are manifold that includes purchasing 24X7 and having the option to choose from a wide range.