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Ovral - The Path To a Sweet Limited Family

Efforts of controlling child birth have been hampered by many health ill effects such as diabetes, hypertension and organ disorders. It goes without telling that the developments are slowed down due to the high growth of pollution. Almost every country of the globe is facing troubles due to its heavy pollution and the growth is constantly taking place at a faster rate. This problem of quick increase in the head count is proving to be the biggest turmoil for the authorities. The only way countries can get rid of the negativity is by increasing their medical investments in the efforts of introducing the birth control pills. Though there are various birth control remedies, unawareness and unavailability of these medical products play a big spoil spot in the entire process of birth control. Though there are infamous brands that serve the purpose but these products have their own side effects that develops different health problems by affecting a list of various organs.

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Synonyms : Norgestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol

However, Ovral is one medicine that works perfectly for the purpose of controlling the birth rate. This is a drug that has minimum count of side effects as it includes the most effective ingredients like levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol. These chemical components are especially formulated for aborting the unwanted child birth. However, the medicine is required to be consumed in a particular format for its optimal effects.

The drug is suggested to be consumed in a 2 pill format that is you have to consume 2 white pills within 120 hours after the unprotected sex activity. Another dosage of 2 pills has to be taken within the next 12 hours. This format of having two pills in the perfect time intervals is sure to wipe out the chances of getting pregnant and the consumer of the pill can also be sure that there is not going to be any side effect to the health.

The above mentioned chemical ingredients in the medicine stop the release of the egg in the ovary. By doing so it assures that the first step of pregnancy is aborted thus, the unwanted birth is cleaned up right at its nip. However, it is important that the female is a non-smoker and is within the age limit of 35 years as un fulfillment of either of the points makes the person ineligible for the consumption of the drug.

So, taking Ovral within the prescribed quantities and in the right format is sure to give you a small happy family.