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Yasmin : Your Perfect Answer to Birth Control Measures

Yasminis a birth control drug that prevents pregnancy from taking place happening in females. In the present world of today, woman has every right to chose from their career and their personal life. To become pregnant or not and the decision towards motherhood completely rests with the mother to-be. If she wants she will become pregnant or else not. There are various methods now that are found helpful in controlling pregnancy. Though all of them are not safe enough, with some having very serious side effects, Yasmin is one tablet that is very effective and is also safe. .

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Synonyms : Drospirenone Ethinyl Estradiol

Yasmin does it by preventing the process of ovulation to take place and also causing changes in uterine lining. Yasmin is an effective medicine almost a revolution in the field of science that is used as contraception to prevent pregnancy. Additionally, it is also used to treat acne and pimple problems in women who are over 14 years of age and have essentially started having menstrual periods.

This medication is used to treat the signs of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). This disorder is often characterized with symptoms that include depression, anxiety, trouble concentrating, irritability, appetite or sleep changes, lack of energy, tenderness in the breast, joint or muscle pain, headache and obesity as well.

This medication is hugely popular amongst couples but has some definite side effects as well. It might go on to cause birth defects in an unborn baby and hence should never be used once a woman is pregnant and carrying a baby. Also, Yasmin should not be used by females with medical conditions that include a heart valve disorder, a history of stroke or blood clot, uterine or breast cancer, severe bleeding in the vagina, liver or kidney disease, high blood pressure, headaches, adrenal gland disorder or a history of jaundice caused by birth control pills.

Special caution should be taken regarding various diseases that a person might have before taking the Yasmin drug. Doctors should be consulted before taking this drug by people who might have certain medical conditions that include blood clotting, jaundice caused by birth control pills, diabetes; liver or kidney disease, unusual bleeding in the vaginal area; any type of uterine, breast or hormone-oriented cancer and a history of heart problems. Yasmin hence should be taken with great precaution and only when urgently required. A very effective pill it is loaded with a lot of benefits and minimum of side effects.