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Ecstasy + Viagra = Sextacy is on Your Way

Viagra (Buy Kamagra pill)  has the potential to lift you from the torturous clutches of impotence. This pill with Sildenafil citrate in it can boost your sex drive and aid you perform the way you always wanted to. This pill is the one that can make your dreams come true with the magical effect it bestows.

The blue pill as it is fondly known by its consumers has enhanced their sexual health and leads to winning trust and confidence in the eyes of the partner for them. Generic Viagra has to be taken after the right consultation from the Doctor though it assures safety if taken in a cautious way. It is an oral medication and is available online at ease. Online pharmacy gives you the opportunity to shop any time and at any place.

Generic Viagra is available at affordable prices as compared to the branded ones that charge you for their advertising and promotion as well. They work against impotence by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme and working on the cGMP level. They augment the blood flow to the male sex organ and helps in achieving harder erection. Women and children are proscribed from the consumption of these drugs.

The varied form in which it is available makes it easy for the varied types of consumers to consume it according to their convenience. This includes the soft tabs hat is preferred by the senior citizens. Safety and storage conditions must be ensured before the intake.

For men who want to intensify their sextasy…Generic Cialis online.

Erectile Dysfunction is an Indication of Impending Problems

Are you suffering from Erectile Dysfunction? Not just physical pleasure that you are unable to derive but you must also bear in mind that you have various impending problems that you have to attend to. Its time you visit the doctor and have an overall check-up. It’s essential that you understand the cause of your problem.

On the basis of similar etiological and biological problems, they share similar symptoms. It has been noticed that erectile dysfunction is an alarm for other health disorders like cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

The probability that you may suffer from heart disease is double if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Bad or unhealthy lifestyle habits can be a major reason for these connections between the various health problems .This includes excessive smoking, drinking, erotic sleep etc. Men who suffer from both diabetes 2 and erectile dysfunction have huge chances of being a victim of cardiovascular diseases.

Erectile dysfunction is basically due to the reduced blood flow to the penis. This makes it obvious that there has to be some problems with the entire blood flow in the body system. High blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are all interconnected because the cause is similar i.e. Irregular blood flow.

One can consume anti-impotence pills like Generic Cialis and Kamagra as these can aid in curbing erectile dysfunction effectively. Besides it also assists in the right blood flow throughout the body.
Anytime, precaution is better than cure, isn’t it?

FDA Not in Favor of Viagra Coffee

The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has always been undoubtedly clear that a product is not only recognized by its name and essential features but it also predominantly includes the way it is branded which might include advertising, labeling etc.

Magic Coffee is in trouble as FDA does not permit its use and has sent a warning letter claiming that it is illegally marketed. With the testing of a few samples of Magic Coffee (Viagra Coffee), it also understood that the chemical Hydroxythiohomosildenafil is added to the coffee. Hydroxythiohomosildenafil is analogous to the chemical Sildenafil Citrate that is a chief chemical used in Viagra ( Generic cialis has Tadalafil ) to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Hence FDA had sent a warning letter to the manufacturers of Magic Coffee as it included unrevealed ingredients in it. FDA also has the opinion that Magic Coffee cannot be included in the list of food items as it was not sold for its taste, aroma or nutritive value.  It was sold on the basis of arousing oneself and stimulating one for the sexual act.  While branding the so called coffee, it was also mentioned that one should take it 30-40 minutes prior to their sexual act. This clearly violated the FDA rules and regulations and hence it proclaims that since it consists of chemicals that are used in Viagra drugs to enhance sexual intercourse, it is a pharmacy product. The makers of the coffee defended themselves saying that they were very conscious with the labeling it as a conventional food as they showed images of cups of coffee and coffee beans in the labeling.

The FDA says that it has violated the section 402(a) (2) (c) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It has also contravened the sections 505(a) and 301(d).

It is the basic right of the consumers to have absolute knowledge regarding what they are eating and drinking. It is their privilege to distinguish between what they consume as a food and as a tablet. Adulteration and branding has raised doubts as to what are we breathing. No sigh of relief! It is suggested that patients use FDA approved medication such as Cialis, Viagra and Kamagra with proper diagnosis and prescription.