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Sliding Profits for Shoppers

It has been observed that Canada’s super largest drug store chain have been going through with a lower profit for the second quarter and continues to fight with the deep cuts in the reimbursing rates of generic drugs(Copy of a brand-name drug, such as Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Generic Medicines and etc.) set by government. It is the Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. that reviewed of the earnings that declined 3.2 percent to $118 millions, with a 54 percent share. These are the facts and figures for the three months.

The last year’s quarterly profit helped them gain around $12 million in one-time, however this was on the sales lease back of retail properties. However, as per the expectations of analysts, the profits declined and company experienced a slide down in the second quarter as well.  The sales rates grew for around 2.7 percent to $ 2.3 billion. This was because, the consumers preferred buying increased number of cosmetics and no prescription drugs.

The company said front store sales; everything was sold out of the actual pharmacy that rose to around 60 percent to $ 1.2 billion. Some sales for such items rose with 4 percent.

According to the Shopper’s chief, they have been observing a high promotion of consumer environment, this will help us focus and monitor marketplace.  However, with the turning up of generic products, the sales figures of brands have declined from 0.4 percent to $1.150 billion.

During the quarterly period, generic grains symbolized around 56.6 percent of prescription dispensed this is bit increased in comparison to 53.2 percent in the same period for the last year.

Can Viagra Mend Relationships?

The thing is that when a man becomes old, a lot of his basic functions begin to dwindle. Well, that’s a fact which everyone has to admit. A man may not be the same after 30 to 40 years. Research tells us that today; hoards of men are suffering from lifestyle disorders. One amongst them is Erectile Dysfunction. Yes, this problem has become very common today. As a man reaches the age of 45 years or so, his libido levels start to dip and it lowers even further as he reaches the age of 60. Men who suffer from prostate related problems related to old age can also suffer from Impotence, as this is often observed. To help men out of this situation, we have drugs like Viagra, which have been catering to the sexual needs to men since 1998. Yes, they have the power to increase your sexual energy and give you an erection within 30 minutes or so. But there are those wives and partners who think that getting an erection with the help of pills is something unnatural. Some say that conditions like Impotence should be cured to the core and not given temporary relief from medicines like Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis. After all, the effect of the pills will last for only 4 to 6 hours and that’s about it. So does that really mend broken relationships? It’s a dicey thing to say the least.

Asthma, One of the Trigger for ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is amongst the traumatizing conditions in men. There are various factors responsible for developing such difficulties. Asthma has been developing the risk factors for developing sexual dysfunction in men. With the increasing risk of asthma severity, the chances of developing such troubles are increased remarkably. This has been evaluated according to the studies published online on March 22, in the journal of sexual medicine.

The MD from National Yang-Ming University in Taipei, Kun-Ta-Chou with colleagues examined the association of asthma with erectile dysfunction in men. This was studies in accordance to the population based database. The study was carried out considering, a total of 3 466 men from the age group of 18 to 55 years. When compared to the normal men, it was found that around 114 patients experiencing erectile dysfunction are also the one’s suffering from asthma. It was also diagnosed that people with asthma had 1.9 times increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. However, it was also found that the risks of developing impotence in patients with asthma, was increased only because of the frequent visits to urologist. This has been showing the significant risk of patients developing asthma, and with those of asthma severities, the chances are further increased.

However, the medical advancements can help by slowing down the chances of developing erectile dysfunction in men troubled with asthma. Besides asthma, there are many people who bend down in front of generic medicines(Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, etc.) in order to cure their Impotency. It is always better to stay safe from such dreaded conditions and lead a healthy and happening life.

Viagra and the Social Stigma Surrounding it

A new Documentary called as ‘Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine’ has raised some serious questions about whether the use of Viagra is looked down upon by the society or not. The main focus of this documentary is to question the stigmata associated with the intake of sex pills like Viagra.

The producer of the film, James Franklin, has said that according to their survey, it is learn that most of the men who took these pills were not comfortable in talking about their consumption with their partners. Men who took drugs like generic Cialis, Levitra and Viagra did not wish their sex partners to know that they are taking these medicines.

So does that mean that they are ashamed of the fact that they need pills to enhance their sexual abilities? But medical experts say that this is just a psychological stigma which finds its roots in the minds of men only. Around 12 million men in the US are down with Erectile Dysfunction and the Viagra drug has become really popular and boosts of high demand by its consumers.

Thanks to the great popularity of generic Viagra and some celebrity endorsements, the taboo topic of Impotence is slowly fading away and people are more open about this sexual issue. Erectile dysfunction is now becoming an acceptable condition. Studies say that if the social stigma prevails, then men would avoid going for a suitable treatment to counter this problematic condition. There are cases of celebrities who have admitted that they don’t want to disclose the fact that they are using Viagra.

ED Drug helped baby to breath

A recent study on Sildenafil citrate revealed its unknown property of the super potential impotence curing medication Viagra, working for premature children to help them breath. This is something magical; a drug form working on male penile disorders will now be helping an infant to save his life. While curing erectile dysfunction (Ed) is concerned, the medication works by opening the blocked muscles and arteries which then works by improving the quality of blood flow to the penile regions.

Around four years back, the medication was used in America, for the first time to treat lung complications in a child. This quality of the medication was revealed by the doctors from Israel hospitals, tried using Viagra when they saw a premature child was struggling to breath. This was done, by cutting one of the blue pills into small doses. The medical course continued for three weeks, which gradually returned the baby’s breathing to normal.

It was already known, that Sildenafil citrate works pretty well when it comes to treating a rare lung disorder of pulmonary arterial hypertension in new born babies. According to doctors, it is a versatile treatment and also serves beneficial to pregnant women, to implant IVF treatment.

Viagra is popular as an erectile dysfunction medication worldwide, and this has helped millions of people to get rid of their sensual troubles and disorders and experience a perfect living. The sales of medications grow above $ 1.9 million in 2010 and have become extremely popular worldwide for its effectiveness and sensational abilities.

It is yet not confirmed whether other ed drug such as generic cialis or levitra works or not.

Tumor Can be Treated by Anti-Impotence Drugs

There are more to Impotence curing drugs than it meets the eye. As the years go by, scientists are discovering startling discoveries about these drugs. ED curing medicines have long been termed as potent and powerful because they have the ability the boost the supply of blood in your body. Drugs like generic Viagra and generic Cialis have other off label uses as well. Now, it has been revealed that these strong pills may be very effective in the treatment for curing brain tumors.

Since these drugs can power your blood flow, it might be very useful to aid the cancer fighting medicines to reach the brain and cure the malignant tumors. Extensive research was conducted and clinical trials were carried out on rats to prove this point. Anti-Impotence drugs like Levitra and Viagra was used along with the chemotherapy pills in order to get past the blood-brain barrier. The rats with brain tumors managed to live for 42 days after the intake of the cancer medicine called as adriamycin. But when it was mixed with Anti-Impotence drugs, the longevity of the rats increased to 53 days.

The Brain Researchers said that Levitra seems to be more effective in this cancer treatment. These drugs are known to be made up of Sildenafil Citrate and they effectively stop the negative effects of the PDE5 Enzyme. Dr Keith Black says, “We decided to use adriamycin because it is regarded as the most powerful cancer fighting drug. When it was mixed with drugs like Levitra and Viagra in rats, we found that the chemotherapy medicine was able to break the blood-brain barrier. This could prove beneficial to humans in a big way. It’s an encouraging piece of news for us. The combination seems to be working wonders in battling tumors”.