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The Market of Fake Sex Pills Demolished

A recent phenomenon from Dubai yielded more than 1, 00,000 fake erectile dysfunction pills sold in a very estimated street value of DH 4 million. This is quiet expected; especially for sex pills the market is wide open. Under the name of generic forms there are numerous such pharmacies involved in offering fake sex pills to people. These tablets were apprehended from a flat and vehicle tracked with medications like Cialis, Levitra, Viagra the father of impotence cures. These three are the world’s most famous erectile dysfunction treatments.  This was not limited to erotic enhancers, but phoney slimming pills were also impounded.

12 blue colored Viagra tablets were retailed for Dh422 composed of 50mg strengths, and four pills of 100mg for Dh281.5. On this evaluation, Yasar Yaman, the director of global security for Europe, Middle east and Africa Pfizer, confirmed of the two incursions, but still there is no direct information on the sources dealing in fake counterparts. However, medical authorities of Dubai shared a commitment with Pfizer of protecting their patients from the hazards of counterfeit drugs that were involved.

Since, 2005, around, in fact more than 5,000, 00 doses of counterfeit Viagra has been confiscated in UAE. Dubai has experienced it before, in September 2007, Customs inspectors took possession of even more than 5 million pills worth Dh18 million. This was one of the largest raids on fake drugs. This time some new impositions are on their way to reduce the selling of such products.

Cialis giving a tough Competition to Viagra

No one would have ever imagined in their wildest of their dreams that there can be any alternative to Viagra.  When the anti-impotence pill Viagra was introduced, everyone was dubious.  With passing day, there was increasing trust. Later came a time when men thought Generic Viagra was the ultimate drug.  One could not look beyond Generic Viagra. Cialis and Generic Cialis broke the trend and is today offering a cut throat competition to Generic Viagra. According to experts and their statistics, it has been reported that there is an increase in sales in Cialis. However there is a breakdown in the sale of Viagra. Eli Lily who leads the Cialis is optimistic that it can beat the sales of Viagra next year.

Viagra was the parent pill which was associated with erectile dysfunction. The ideal anti-impotence pill “Generic Viagra” was worth the trust of millions of men who experienced optimism for the first time in their life. While erectile dysfunction was the ego breaking disorder for these men, Viagra was the drug that demonstrated that it could be cured.

However with the 36 hour effectiveness that it granted, Cialis took no time to gain fame and trust. While Viagra had the advantage of being the originator, Cialis had the advantage of being the pill with continued efficacy.  However it is only time that can answer whether which drug hits the market next year.

Cialis Cures not only Impotency, But also Health Conditions Linked to Impotency

Lilly Icons branded medicine Cialis, can become advantageous to males in healing impotency as well as other health issues related to impotency. Clinical research has revealed that Cialis Contains tadalafil, which is a basic ingredient, which can help reduce arterial tension in males. It also assists in curing lung disorders. These added advantages make this drug a real wonder for its patients.

Senior Vice President of Lilly Icos claimed in an interview that the company is dedicated towards the progressive development of Cialis so that all its beneficial factors can be enjoyed by the patients. Tadalafil, the basic component of Cialis, was initially invented as angina medicine, prior to its erectile dysfunction features were discovered. Implementing technology of Cialis production for curing high blood pressure or chronic variation is also in the proceedings of the company. Thus Cialis or Generic Cialis can really be called a dream-come-true wonder medicine with almost negligible adverse side effects.

The best part about Cialis is that it can help in curing high blood pressure in males, and also improve sex-drive. On the other hand, other medicines available in the market for curing high blood pressure reduce the sexual urges, making Cialis a leader in both cases. Tadalafil is also able to provide a treatment for a usual prostate condition, called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. A sufferer with this disorder who consumed a dose of Tadalafil revealed a significant increase in sexual performance. A careful medicinal analysis of the sufferers revealed that Cialis may show its effectiveness in males exposed to benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Good kin, as well as other medics in Icos stated that most impotency patients suffer from conditions which are related to impotency, and that Cialis is of great help for treating both.

For information and awareness regarding impotence and other associated health disorders, Visit our News Section – Generic Cialis News

Herbal Viagra helped Osama Stay Younger

Osama is finally dead, and the world is now relieved with the fear of terror. The personality has a super pessimistic attitude and always aimed in disasters and destructions. After the end of the world’s most wanted disaster, certain facts regarding his personal life were revealed, which were pretty shattering. New York Daily news came up with the fact that the medicine cabinet of Osama Bin Laden had Avena syrup. This liquid is nothing but the extracts of wild oats with the undying properties of natural Viagra.

The person married five women and used to live with at least two wives at a time. As his age turned up, researched found that he required Viagra for boosting his erotic potency, and hence, he took help of the syrup to get it rock hard. However, news reporters also came across with a list of medicines from his cabinet. Laden was 54, and was in good shape. These products were marketed by a California company as natural aphrodisiac revealing its particular effects. Medicines like Avena is actually a nervous system restorative and also works on male impotence, that is caused due to high levels of stress. The medical syrup also functions on curing sour stomach.

Certain analysts are of the opinion that if Osama was using this wild oat extracts to overcome Ed, then surely he must have turned on to herbs like Ginseng, Tribulus, Maca and many more. However, when his youngest wife was interviewed, she explained that the terror mind believed on his own knowledge concerning to medications. Also, Osama recovered from two kidney surgeries a decade ago, she replied. This fast recovery was because he consumed lots of watermelon and got it done naturally.

Expiring Drug Patents

Over the next couple of years, the patents of many top-selling drugs are scheduled to expire, and generics are expected to take their place, as the lower cost substitutes.

MedicineOne of the largest selling drug is the cholesterol-lowering, Lipitor, which earned Pfizer more than $5.3 billion in U.S. sales last year. The patent for Lipitor ends in November 2011; so, starting on Nov. 30, 2011, generic manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories will acquire the exclusive right to sell Lipitor’s generic (Atorvastatin) in the U.S. for six months. At the same time, other generic drug makers can also enter the market to make their sales. Besides, there are number of other drugs facing expiration of their patents. Protonix, the popular antiacid drug has already gone off patent. Its generic form is Pantoprazole; Concerta, Levaquin, Zyprexa, are some prominent drugs to go off patent soon. In addition to many drugs, in the upcoming days, even medications like Viagra and Cialis will be losing their patents; this has been providing a massive gateway for the entry of generic medications.

Cheaper Generics :
When a brand-name drug does finally comes off patent, its generic substitute is usually only about 30% cheaper initially; but, as more generic drug makers start manufacturing it, the costs drop by as much as 90%. On average, generic drugs are about 60-70% cheaper than brand-name drugs.
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts. However, there could be a difference in the inactive ingredients which give the medicines shape, colour, flavor, etc. Doctors or physicians can prescribe the best make of the drug required for your treatment and can also help with various substitutes. Generic options are available in plenty for many drugs; do select the right one for yourself.

Many huge retail chains across U.S. ad globally popular, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, etc, sell abundant generics for as little as $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply.

Cialis Performance and Demands, Reported by Eli Lilly

The financial reports of Lilly presented the fluctuating sales rates of different medications from their pipeline. The facts and figures are reviewed from the company’s performance in 2010 and commencements of 2011.  The company also revealed the latest events over the last three months.  A grand event where in it secured approvals for exenatide 2mg through the committee of medicinal products for human use (CHMP) from the European medicine agency. A solvent for consistent release suspension also secured approvals. The events also include, receiving of US FDA (Food and drug administration) response letter considering the application of its new medication liprotamase, a non-porcine pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT).

Considering Cialis, the medication showed an increasing trend. The sales of the medication for the first quarter of 2011 showed an increase of 6 percent to $434.4 million. Considering the US sales of the sexual enhancer it was around $157.8 million in the first quarter.  This was about an increase in five percent, in comparison to the sales of first quarter. The higher prices have been the reason behind not reaching the expected sales. Comparing this with sales outside US, it massively increased by 7 percent reaching the $ 276.6 million. After reviewing, the increasing rates were due to increase in demands and prices were the secondary thing.

Other category of drugs Lilly deals in are many, Cymbalta, Humalog, Zyprexa, Alimta, Evista, Humulin, Gemzar, Forteo and many more. However, it was reviewed that the company’s operating income in 2011 first quarter was remarkably decreased to $1.285 billion. This was because of the primary investments to higher in process research and increasing development charges.

Viagra Market Amplifies with the Inception of Newfangled Ideas.

The trade of drugs to doctor erectile dysfunction has passed $5 billion a year from sales to millions of men. And it is progressively being accelerated by exclusively effective applications to contend with the lower-priced brewing generics.

To counter this hefty competition, companies have been introducing a variety of products. Due to generic competition for its “little blue pill,” Pfizer, in the recent past, introduced a new, chewable form of Viagra in Mexico. It is called Viagra Jet, and Pfizer intends to market it to nations in the developing world. Levitra, another popular drug used to curb erectile dysfunction , is sold as a dissolvable tablet in nine European countries, and will be marketed in America under the name Staxyn. It is an innovative form of drug, which fizzes and dissolves in a few seconds, and has a rather interesting packaging too. It is packaged in a pocket-sized black box, targeting men who prefer to take it insidiously, without water. Generic Cialis is another drug, leading in sales and popularity, leaving Viagra behind; and was brought into market almost 8 years ago. It has products like an everyday pill and a 36-hour “weekender.”

In America, Pfizer is striving to combat competition from low-price generics, when the drug’s patent expires. The generic pills would cost only a fragment of the cost of the pills now.

Bayer has introduced the dissolvable form of Levitra in Hungary, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Britain and Austria in late March. It comes in a thin black package, with four pills on a card that slides out. This pocket-friendly design enables discretion and easy portability, giving it an edge over its competitors.

Statistics on the worldwide sales of erectile dysfunction drugs reveal that sales grew to 6.9 percent in 2010, to about $5 billion, and 4.7 percent in 2009, according to the industry data firm IMS Health.

New Generics are On their Way

In this new generation and growing phase, health care costs have been rising with a great pace. As far as the prices of the drugs are concerned, that would be cheaper as, generics are inexpensive. Over the next few years, a wide range of blockbuster medications are scheduled, as they will be losing their patent protection and entering in to generic forms, delivering a cheaper solution to people.

Considering the recent phenomena, generic drugs like Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra and etc. are found equivalent to the originals and the demand for these medications is also wide. This is because of their super efficient performance in comparison to originals.

According to the medical facts and figures, the average co pays in last year considering generic medications was around $6.06, however, when compared to the average co pay for originals it was four to six times higher, it majorly depends on the type of the brand drug and its popularity.

A latest news was on, Medco health solutions, a biggest provider of pharmaceutical services. When the biggest medication relieving of its patent in the year 2011 and 2012 were Lipitor, a very popular and super performing cholesterol reducing drug. The patent for the medicine will be going off in November. Similarly, there are several other drugs that would be going generic; some of them include Actos, Seroquel, Singulair, Plavix and many more.

According to the chief financial officer of Medco, Rich Rubino, original and patent drugs are supplied to the market with a large sales medium and generic make their way following these medications. Once, the patents are gone, the generics make complete efforts by altering their selling strategies.