New FDA Rules to Make Weight Loss surgery available to more

Bariatric surgery has been considered to be a most effective form of weight losing.  With weight loss causing lot of distress in innumerable people, there are various innovative methods being developed everybody. Oral medications (such as Alli orlistat) launched by pharma companies have avail patients who have relatively moderate obesity problem. These novel methods have been accepted after they pass through stringent tests.

As per the present condition, the FDA allows Lap Band surgery to be  conceded on the ones who have BMI (Body Mass Index) above 40 except for when they have obesity-related problems such as impotence (for which kamagra online and Generic Cialis works), cardio problems and diabetes. There have been  hopes that the FDA would be  liberal in future towards these policies and allow one to have a surgery even with lower BMI like 35 or  30 when they have serious health problems where obesity is the main cause.

Bariatric surgery is carried on the upper part of the stomach where an adjustable band is placed. This gastric banding system which was approved by FDA in 2001 reduces the intake of the food one can consume.

The Lap Band surgery has been considered as a safe form of losing weight resolving all the fear and the apprehensions that are associated with the term ‘Surgery”. It refers from other stomach banding procedures that are generic in nature.

Weight loss surely is a serious problem. Without any second thoughts, you need to lose your weight but one should take enough care that it is safe and a healthy option. With 30% of U.S people being overweight and around 9 million people who fall in the category of obese, obesity has to be tackled for sure.

Though surgeries have become very common with changing time and the developments made in the medical field, one has to be cautious and discuss all the concerning consequences and queries.

For men it’s a boon while for women it is bothersome

It is a known fact that erectile dysfunction is more common among elder men than others often.  Research has clearly stated that around 50 % of senior citizens above the age of 60 are facing erectile dysfunction and associate problems that does not give them the liberty to enjoy a healthy sex life.  Viagra has been a boon for such men. The intake of these anti-impotence pills (such as Viagra, Cialis online generic) have resolved all the problems that these elderly men were going through.

The fact that is looked upon is that these elderly men will have wives who  might be old too.  These women must themselves be going through the phase of menopause or post-menopause. This might make them weak and leave them distressed. Also, it is obvious that they might be exhausted after all the hard work that they have done throughout her life.

While Viagra has promised to boost the energy of elderly man and enhance their performance in bed which can aid them in fetching enough pleasure, we fail to notice that it can be a cause of pain for the feeble female.

When the man performs it is obvious that he might expect the same level of interest from the other side. When he fails to obtain the similar kind of response, he is disappointed. These had added to the worries of women.

Also, there are hardly any FDA (Food And Drug Administration) approved drugs that cater to enhance the sexual health in women.

Abraham Morgentaler in his book, “The Viagra Myth” has mentioned about similar sexual problems.With more than 25% of women facing problems after menopause, it is time for her to voice her opinions.

Is the society so male- dominated that she is unable to address her pain and keep mum when she is supposed to enjoy the pleasure?

The increasing consumption of Cialis in China

With China turning out to be more and more industrious every day, it has also turned out to be more and more pragmatic. No more do they compromise with their problems related to Erectile Dysfunction, instead they have become solution-seekers. This is evident from the fact that they have been one of the leading consumers of Cialis.

It is the manufacturer Eli Lilly of Cialis who have announced the increase in the sales of generic Cialis. It has also been declared that Cialis is the next most used anti-impotence drug in the world next to only Viagra.  Cialis has a long-lasting effect comparatively and works for around 36 hours in the body. This is what makes the pill unique.

The increase in the pill consumption is due to the support provided by the hospitals and other pharmacies who have stored the pills with them.

It was also understood that in case of the Chinese men, it was psychological factors that affected them the most and not physical factors. The most important of all the physical factors were obesity related problems

Impotence is on a rising scale in china. About 26% of men have been facing such problems and this was severe in the case of senior citizens that include 40% of them. This was inferred from the study of Chinese Medical Association.

Another anti-impotence drug has been grabbing eyeballs recently named Levitra.

Avanafil has also been gaining more recognition as it can arouse one within 15 minutes.

Though there has been a significant improvement in the number of men who are undertaking treatment, it has been studied that it is only 83% and the rest are still ignoring their problem.

Man Made Blood Vessels May Possible in Future

There is some good news from the medical world. According to biomedical reports, all the heart surgery patients will get a new lease of life in the near future by receiving blood vessel replacements that are ready made.

Readily available grafts are in need say reports. Once the vasculature is damaged or diseased, it is not suitable for implanting. In case of peripheral artery disease or coronary disease, a suitable vasculature is in urgent need. The patient’s own blood vessel present in the saphenous vein in the leg is the most appropriate ones for vascular conduit for coronary or peripheral vascular surgery.

The recent innovation where science once again wins the battle is where blood vessels are made by men using biodegradable substances like plast