A Drug called as EOD for Impotence could Prove Fatal

Guys, Beware of fake drugs that can hamper your health. A new drug called as EOD has been doing the rounds for quite some time. The news is that this medicine, which is being marketed as an effective treatment to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction in men, is actually laced with chemicals which are very dangerous to the health of the consumer. The Drug Regulation authorities have issued a warning which says that this drug, called as Erection on Demand, should not be taken by those who want to get rid of Impotence related issues. This is being its composition is not genuine and cases are coming in wherein some users have been hospitalized or have complained about dizziness and other severe side effects.

This is really not a good piece of news because people are falling prey to drugs which are purely fake by nature. Today, genuine drugs like Viagra, Generic Cialis, Kamagra and the likes are authentic and they have been approved by the FDA. These medicines boost the flow of blood to your penile regions and help in getting an erection that was eluding you for so long. This EOD drug, seems to have lot of adverse side effects on the consumer and it could lead to further health complications like heart failure, stroke and other. So the users should be aware of what they are buying and should purchase only from licensed pharmacists so that their health is not at risk. The sale of pills like EOD should be stopped at the earliest.

Entry of New Generics, Lipitor one of them

Generic medications are reaching new heights with its exclusive response by people worldwide. Over the next couple of years, around more than 42 medications are on their way to turning generics, as their patent will be expiring in the coming years. Lipitor a cholesterol reducing medication has been found to be turning in generic. The list of generics is growing with a speedy pace and more and more drugs are made available with lowered cost and brand effects.

This has been a great opportunity for consumers, as they can save a huge amount, as the FDA approved generic health care solutions are made easily accessible. On average, the price of generic medication can lower by 50 percent, 75 percent and according to the evaluations of experts, it can even lower down to 90 percent in comparison to brands.

The market for generic drugs is widened; this is because more and more people prefer online medications. Since, their effects are uncompromised and people get quality results by paying less. Drugs like generic Viagra, Cialis and many more sex pills are running the online markets. The revenue generated by online pharmacies is infinite, this is because of the response of people to quality formula acting as brands without demanding much money.

Fake Drug called as Cialis 50 Lands Man in a Hospital

There has been growing concerns about the increase of fake drugs across the world. The Drug companies and the FDA are applying various measures to curb the sale of Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction drugs, but things are sometimes going out of hand. Take the recent case of a truck driver who was hospitalized after taking a sex booster called as Cialis 50, which was the fake version of the famous Cialis Drug. The man supposedly taken a fake drug and this affected his health to a great degree. Buying such drugs will be extremely harmful to the health of humans because they contain cheap ingredients that can lead to severe health complications.

The doctor who was treating the Truck Driver said that the Cialis 50 drug consisted of chemicals which were deadly by nature and after some hours upon consumption, he started to complain about dizziness and besides that, he also experienced excessive sweating that bothered him a lot. He was brought to the hospital in a very bad state. These fake drugs are found abundant in the market and people often mistake it to other authentic drugs like Viagra(Generic Viagra) or the real Cialis (Generic Cialis) one, which is potent and really effective. These real drugs do not harm the health of the user and have been approved by the FDA.

Men should be cautious before buying drugs from the black market because such pills are filled with dangerous chemicals. They should not shy away from talking about their problem to a doctor. Its because of these social inhibitions that they go for drugs which pose as the real ones.

Herbal Medicines can give you the Viagra and Cialis Effect

The South African Medicines Control Council has put has put out a warning on the medicines for erectile dysfunction that claim to be ‘herbal’. In fact, they contain prescription medicines. They also said that there is a possibility that people selling these medicines were not aware that these medicines could cause adverse effects to one’s health and well being.

When products called Maximor and Staminafit were tested, it was found that they contain ingredients of Levitra and Cialis. A product called ‘OTO Bang Bang Strongman’ had contents of both Cialis and Viagra in it.

One must understand that the claims of herbal medicines are fake, because, if they did work, then drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra would be out of business. A medicine called ‘Bang Bang Strongman’ should certainly not be taken seriously! Pharmacies and health shops across the globe should open their eyes to the facts that such drugs are available widely, and that these drugs are a million dollar business, which only claim to be effective.

The manufacturers of herbal remedies are aware that their ‘herbs’ are ineffective, and hence they have an added ingredient, an illegal prescription, of those of Viagra, Cialis, etc. It should be borne in the mind that any type of herbal or natural Viagra is a fake, and just a huge money racket. The side-effects of these might also be uncontrollable.

The best and safest option for a person suffering from erectile dysfunction is to consult a doctor, get the dosage of the right medicine from him after he analysis your health status, and then purchasing these medicines from a good pharmacist.

Pfizer Battling for the Patent of Viagra

Canada, Ottawa – The Supreme Court of Canada has declared that a hearing will be conducted for the patent on the globally popular drug for erectile dysfunction, Viagra. Teva Canada, is hoping, and contending for Canada’s Supreme Court’s decision to be in the favour of introducing a generic version of Pfizer’s Viagra, in the Canadian market. However, the Federal Court has declared a decision in the favour of Pfizer, which is battling for the bid on the patent. Pfizer’s patent on Viagra is scheduled to expire in 2014.

The Supreme Court hearing will be the latest development in the battle between the two contending drug companies. Interestingly, it was found that in the year 2010, a New Jersey jury discovered that Teva had violated patent laws and rights of Pfizer’s Protonix, when it produced the generic version.

Pfizer’s Drug, Viagra, Approved by the EU for Treating Children for a rare Lung Disease

Pfizer, declared that the European commission has approved their drug Viagra, for the treatment of a lung disease, which is rarely found in children, and can be fatal. This is a progressive disease which leads to heart failure and premature death and the cause is seldom determined. Revatio is a drug that was approved about six years ago, in Europe, for the treatment of a condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension, or high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs, for adults. It has now found approval for treating children of ages 1 to 17.

This medicine is popularly known as Viagra, a drug used to cure erectile dysfunction, which became a rage after Pfizer got approval for it in 1998.  The chemical name for Viagra is sildenafil citrate, which was primarily developed for the treatment of blood pressure related problems. However, clinical test results showed side effects which were in fact better, and gladly received, though quite a surprise. Men reported that they had better erections, and researchers welcomed this as opportunity to work on Viagra being a drug to treat impotency.

Viagra then developed into a gold mine for Pfizer, generating billions of dollars. The annual sales of Viagra are now about $2billion, albeit cutthroat competition from two heftily advertised drugs, Levitra and Cialis.

A study in the recent past, conducted on children, found great results on Revatio for reducing blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs, which helped them breathe better. Revatio is also approved for treating such lung conditions in adults across more than 50 countries, which includes the United States. Approval is now on the lookout by Pfizer in numerous countries for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

D. Cara Cassino says, “These young patients now have an important option that may help manage their condition.” She is the head of Pfizer’s medicines development group.

Drugs without Prescription – Forbidden!

Lee County, a county in the US state of Florida, witnessed the arrest of two men, convicted for the intent of dispatching male-enhancement pills to Cuba, without prescription or legal permits. Deputies of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic-stop on Interstate 75, near mile marker 131an area near Daniels Parkway, with a view to scrutinizing the vehicles passing by.

An investigation of Jose V. Martinez, 40, of Miami, and Alberto E. Perez, 58, of Tampa, divulged the fact that both had hefty criminal histories with initial sales of narcotics, as per the deputies. Moreover, Alberto E. Perez was on federal probation for cocaine trafficking. One of the detectives employed his canine partner to sniff the air for drugs, and a positive result was derived. However, Martinez confidently asked the detective to examine the vehicle, and defended that there were absolutely no drugs inside.

A brown cardboard box, slyly hidden in the tire compartment area of the vehicle, was revealed after a search. The box contained about 30 smaller boxes of Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis, worth about $5,000. Both drugs strictly require a prescription. When asked to produce one, neither suspects had any. Further investigation affirmed that the drugs were to be mailed and distributed to Cuba, a state in the Caribbean. Both, Martinez and Perez are convicted and charged with the offense of possession of new legend drugs, without a prescription, and with the intent to sell.

Viagra and Cialis – Neck to Neck Competition

When the surveys were made by complete over viewing erectile dysfunction medications, the major limelight was on the increasing sales number of Viagra and Cialis. This has put the experts and reviewers in the big dilemma of Cialis conquering the place of Viagra. There are many pharmacies introducing variety of new drugs for impotence, like recently Regeneca introduced its new drug Regenerect.

When Viagra is concerned, it is like the synonym to erectile dysfunction cure. According to the recent surverys, around 98% of Americans have complete knowledge on the drug and its mechanism.  Viagra and impotence is tied in such a manner, as the google with search engines and a computer with a hard disk.

However, with the new innovations as ED medications, the monopoly effect of Viagra has been deteriorating and even the figures shows a collapse of 9 percent by generating just $499 million in the year 2010. Comparing to Cialis, the sales of the drug reached to $ 465.9 million which is remarkable. With such an increasing trend in figures of cialis, it has been predicted to becoming the most popular pill worldwide in the coming years. According to the experts, people buy cialis because of its long lasting effects that stays active for a much much longer time when compared to Viagra.

A New ED Drug might come out with Better Results

There is a huge market for drugs which offer relief from conditions like Erectile Dysfunction. Right now, there are tons of drugs operating which are known to boost your sexual energy and drive. Impotence has become a common problem faced by men from all over and this problem can arise from various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, intake of anti-depressants and so on. A new powerful drug is on its way, to get rid of the erectile failures of men. This new drug called as Cialis(Including its Generic Versions as well) , plans to submit an application to the Food and Drug administration (FDA) at the earliest. This new medicine works by boosting the flow of blood to your penile regions and removes the negative effects of the PDE5 Enzyme, thus ensuring smooth blood flow. It has been said that this pill is much safer to sue when compared to Avanafil, Viagra and Levitra. Its clinical trails have come out successful and very soon, this medicine could give other drugs a very stiff competition. It has the potential to beat the billion dollar industry of Pfizer’s Viagra and Vivus’s Avanafil. A company known as Eli Lilly’s is making this new Cialis drug. It promises much better results with reduced or no side effects. Its been said by the company that this drug can work in the body on a much faster basis as compared to other drugs. They are also making an anti-obesity drug to counter weight problems.