Medical Marijuana Inches Closer to Beat Viagra / Cialis

Seems like Marijuana is taking a medical form to stock up its sales and popularity. It’s a good way to become legal as well, well at least for those who want to boost the performance of their senses. So now we guess that Viagra maybe facing some stiff competition from this heady plant medicine.

The fascination for marijuana has grown manifold ever since its medical version was introduced. Now people would get a taste of it legally and because of this fact, its sales have reached a whopping $1.7 billion in no time. Compare this to the annual sales of erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra and generic Cialis which is around $1.9 billion and we have a lip smacking clash of the titans, a battle of the drugs indeed. It has been said that in around 5 years time, the sales of the medical marijuana will reach around $8.9 billion, which is just amazing as this drug has been prescribed for various medical problems in many states of the US.

Although under the federal law, the sale of this medical form is prohibited, it remains to be seen as to what will be the future actions of the federal government regarding this drug. If people are being benefited from it and if its side effects are mild and harmless, then medical marijuana should be legalized in all the states. Judging by its current sales and popularity, it might be likely that this medicine might just beat the blockbuster drug that is generic Viagra. Well, only time will tell.

Fake Viagra Drugs Importer Pleads “Innocence”

Selling Counterfeit Viagra drugs is a crime under the Health care Law as it can affect the health of the consumer. Well, Troy James Taylor, a man from Elk Grove is learning it the hard way, the folly of selling fake generic Cialis and Vaigra drugs which were imported from China.

Few weeks back, he was charged with the selling fake drugs of the hugely popular Anti-Impotence drugs and was dragged to court. But when presented in front of the Federal Court, he vehemently pleaded “innocence” and stuck to his statement where he said that the medicines that he imported from Shanghai between 2007 and 2008 were not illegal in nature. But according to detailed investigations, which started around the same time period itself, The Customs and Border Protection Force of the US Government apparently intercepted packages contained generic Viagra and Cialis tablets, which though looked authentic, were fake by nature. This is what the officials claim.

Apart from that, some more packages of the same drugs were addressed to Taylor and these medicines were again inspected at the San Francisco Airmail Facility. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) came as an able witness and said that these supposed Viagra and Cialis tablets were totally counterfeit by nature.

Taylor is soon to be convicted for his crime. Lot of pharmacists have been selling fake Viagra drugs, completely unaware of the fact that it can harm the patients’ health to a great degree. It is great to see that the governments are taking proper action against those who commit such a crime.

Pfizer’s Chewable Viagra on its Way to Mexico

Well, the thing is that not everyone will be okay to pop the pills. As in, the bitter tablet leaves a bad taste in the mouths of people and some folks might just be averse to this aspect of drugs. Especially when it comes to the intake of Viagra pills, the Mexicans have their own stand to it.

The news is that these people are not keen enough of taking this Anti-impotence drug in the tablet form along with its bitter taste. They apparently have problems in swallowing the Viagra pill and due to this reason the makers of this popular drug, Pfizer, will now introduce the chewable form of the Viagra medicine. This medicine will be called as Viagra Jet and this drug and it took 4 years to create this form of the medicine.

The drug was created in Mexico itself and the firm will be selling this Anti-Impotence drug starting from March 21st. Wide and extensive research was conducted before the introduction of this chewable tablet and it was found out that Mexicans have some difficulty in swallowing this pill and they would prefer an alternative for the Viagra drug. The research and medical studies done by the company reveals that more than 60 percent of the Mexican folks wither open the capsules or grind the tablets so that it become easier for consumption and digestion. This prompted Pfizer to come up with a chewable form of the tablet.

A 2001 medical survey states that more than 6 million Mexican men are down with Impotence and Viagra (second is Cialis generic) is a major seller in the Latin American Market with huge sales over the last few years. This new form will increase its popularity further on for sure.

Pfizer Recalls Injectable Anti-Impotence Drug Batches

Pfizer has one again proved that there is no negotiation when it comes to health and safety.  A minimum of  12 batches of these anti-impotence injections of Caverject were given a red flag as they proved to be misfit.  While Caverject is not very popular after the discovery of the anti-impotence Viagra pills by Pfizer, it has been still exists.

This news has been considered by the U.K Medicines and Health Care products Regulatory Agency and it has already sent a warning that it might be due to the weak needles or the breakage of needles. However the spokesperson was not available.

These injections of Caverject are packaged by Becton Dickinson & Co (BDX). However the U.K regulatory board will further address this issue. These batches might be further sent back so that these needles are further checked.

This brings hope in the consumers that their safety is taken into consideration.   It is also seen that these were distributed in Ireland, Switzerland, Franco, Italy and Morocco.  Caverject however from its defense point of view says that this news doesn’t affect its medications, also other anti-impotence oral drug Viagra generic, and is sure to continue working.

Needle bending and breaking is a severe problem and has to be addressed as it can have adverse effects on one.  The safety and the security of the consumers cannot be taken frivolously.  This is the reason why many men these days prefer oral medications to the pills as they are uncomplicated and offer straightforward solutions.

Drinking Diet Soda May Cause Stroke

A crack or blockage in the brain can cause stroke having adverse effects on one’ movement, awareness and sensation . CVA (Cerebro Vascular Accident) or stroke occurs when in the blood vessels the brain breaks down or ruptures badly causing the blood cells to die.

Ischemic and Hemorrhagic are the two types of stroke and Ischemic factors are considered to be the major cause of stroke.

The American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2011 states that clearly indicates that there is an increased chance of one suffering from Stroke with the consumption of Diet soda.

NOMAS or the group of researchers and investigators at Columbia University in New York and Miami’s Miller School of Medicine has stated that there is an increased chance of 61 % risk of one suffering from vascular diseases with the consumption of Diet Soda after studying around 2564 people in the NOMOS. Also this study was done after proper segmentation of people to make the study more accurate and effective. The participants were divided into seven categories based on their consumption pattern. This widely caters from people drinking no Soda to moderate regular soda to daily regular soda to moderate diet soda only to daily diet soda only to moderate diet and regular and daily diet with regular.

It has also been seen that if further research strengthens this fact, then Diet Soda may be strictly asked to be avoided and will not be recommended for people suffering from vascular diseases. It also won’t be regarded as a healthy substitute over the sweetened drinks. A glass of beverage with any other sweetened ingredients would be preferred.

The study also mentioned that one consuming more than 400 milligrams of sodium per day had higher chance of facing stroke than one consuming 1500 milligrams per day. However it has to be seen that whether any brands or specific ingredients have to play any role here.

The final message of caution is that one must consume less sodium keeping aside the fact that one is suffering from hypertension or not.

For men, chances of stroke are high if you are suffering from ED (Erectile dysfunction) and also drink lot of diet soda. However, a research study says that anti-impotence drug Viagra helps strengthen heart.

The next time you quench your thirst, imbibe a beneficial one.

Orodispersible Levitra Approved by EU

Levitra is one of the most effective anti-impotence pills that has worked on millions of men and has enhanced their sexual performance.

This pill is in a continuous effort to innovate itself and satisfy the customer to the fullest extent.

Men who have these anti-impotence pills like Viagra, Levitra or generic Cialis have a common complaint that it takes time to produce effect. These pills take around 35 to 45 minutes or so to begin their effect and it adds to the discomfort of men who wish to perform within a short time.

This orodispersable form of Levitra has been innovated to overcome this problem in men. Also known as Staxyn, this pill dissolves in mouth instantly within a few minutes. Thought it is an oral medication, there is no need of water to be consumed along with the pill. This is sure to make the consumption pattern easy and comfortable.

Levitra was approved after the stringent tests of EU where it had to prove itself under varied circumstances and was consumed by around 880 men internationally. It came out as a winner at the end of these tests and was approved as it showed superior results as compared to the placebos.

While every pill has its own USP like Viagra is the first pill to be introduced and has gained the trust of consumers. Similarly, Cialis online has long-lasting effects like it has its effect for around 36 hours. In this way, Levitra had to make its own mark and this Orodispersible tablets seem to be a new initiative. This would have its effect within 10 minutes without the consumption of water along with it. This would make sex seem spontaneous and natural.

The European Medicine Agency has hence after all these tests proved Levitra a safe drug to be consumed by all. Till now Levitra was equally effective as Cialis and Viagra but what it lacks is brand recognition.

This approval of the new version of Levitra is sure to make Levitra a superior drug.