Senate plans to cut State Health Insurance Costs. Patients now asked to buy Generics

The Senate is planning to cut down the costs for the various health care programs for the poor and disabled. This might not be a very good move. It seems that the patients of the state run health care programs would have to opt for low cost prescription for mental disorders and diseases like HIV/AIDS and Cancer. This is really not good for them because it might affect their overall well being. This change was brought about in the Senate’s proposed state budget. Now, the employees will have to pay more insurance health premiums. They would have to shell out $6 more a month from next year. The senate wishes to spend $5.8 billion as part of their health care plan start from the fiscal year starting from July 1. All those Medicaid patients who have been using branded drugs would now have to stop using these medications and will have to shift to other low cost drugs. This means that they would have to resort to generic drugs(Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra and etc.), the counterpart of branded ones. They can use the drugs to the time they are effective and equally potent. But experts say that the bill passed will not benefit disabled people because generic drugs for mental health and HIV are almost absent and if they exist, they would be of poor quality. They might not prove beneficial for their health and might not be effective. Not everyone can buy expensive drugs and this new program is really in bad taste.

Pfizer Ceases in Dublin

The research center in Sandwich that is located in Kent has been ready to put up the shutters according to the Pfizer.  Also known as the House of Viagra, this center has been on the verge of shut- down. However it is sure to affect the bread and butter of around 2400 people who are employed here.

Ian Read who is the new Chief Executive of Pfizer has been procuring some new sudden steps. According to this new face of Pfizer, he is ready for the roller coaster ride.

Pfizer has been in a dilemma with its research programming in Dublin. Pfizer has been a renowned pharmacy with excessive   attention and resources being lavishly spent on the research and innovation. These researches and discoveries have surely added splendor to the entire brand of Pfizer. This is the reason why Viagra has been considered to be the parent pill even after thousands of anti-impotence pills making an entry and exit. Also since safety has been a priority with Pfizer, this decision seems indecisive.

With varied new discoveries like the emergence of Viagra Jet, this decision of Pfizer seems lacking intellect or at least the reason to prove it.  This pronouncement has been after the celebration of the 13th birthday of Viagra.  After 13 years of magnificence, what is that Viagra is heading towards? Is it making the way trouble free for Generic Cialis?

Expired Medicines in the Bathroom? Time to chuck them Out

We all have lots of medicines stored up in our cabinet. We use some and throw away some. But sometimes or you can say most of the occasions, we keep the pills even after its expiry date. There are many Medicines which are dangerous once it is expired. Some Human health related medicines such as Generic Cialis and other can harm your body parts as well. One can usually find such medicines in your bathroom cabinet. But do you really want to take the drugs which are now well past their expiry date? The over the counter medicines that you buy and also outdated. People just don’t discard their medicines and keep it for the future. But that doesn’t mean that these medicines will cause you any sort of harm. They won’t harm you alright, but their potency might be lower than expected. This is mainly because of the conditions in which you expose these pills to. The bathroom is exposed to heat and humidity and this might not be good for the potency of the drug. If you have the habit of mixing your medicines, then that’s a bad idea. There is a chance that these drugs may interact in a negative way and this can harm your health as well. It is also safe to store medications in a cool place. These leftover medicines should be discarded at the earliest. So there is something as the Drug take Back day that has been established mainly for unused medications.

No more burning wallets on Ed medications

Erectile dysfunction (ED) makes it difficult for the guys to attain complete satisfaction from the act of copulation. However, many men are troubled of the syndrome. Despite the availability of the quality medications, the prices of the drugs put them off. People from economic class find these erectile dysfunction medications expensive and unaffordable. Pfizer pharmaceuticals have been working on the medication with great efforts. It has been making extra efforts in creating hurdles and obstacles by making it difficult for Generic Viagra to settle in markets.

Also, the patents of original generic Viagra will be expiring in 2012, but as a matter of fact the drug maker has two patents for the medication; where the other one expires in 2019. Getting in competition with generic medications, Bayer pharmaceuticals is launching a new, cost effective and quick dissolving impotence cure named Staxyn; a productive version of levitra and generic cialis.

According to Dr. Joseph P. Alukal the pharmacies has been making great efforts on designing new brands and identities. The medicine industry is huge and earns great amount of profits. However, the investments required in generation and bringing out new drug forms are huge. Compared to the generic investments in reformulating the product, is negligible in comparison to such huge set ups. This is a very pessimistic approach of these drug makers by rising up the original costs because of the generic entry. This has made the drugs feasible and affordable only for the rich.

Impotence has been an all time big trouble; since the existence of mankind. Moving ahead of the natural and tricky solutions, people should get the ones they deserve.

Herbal or despicable medications?

While herbal medications are considered to be the most genuine and authentic medications, the truth is something else.

The herbal medication in Spain is found to be fake and consist of ingredients that are not what they claim to be. The Spanish police caught them red- handed as certain counterfeit medications were sold under the name of herbal ailments.

Previously similar incidents were noticed where there were fake drugs of inferior quality in the name of other anti-impotence drugs like Viagra or generic Cialis.

This has created tension in the environment where it becomes difficult to consume any drug without fear. However there must be immediate steps taken to check this problem and curb it as soon as possible.

In Costa del Sol, there were four men caught selling this fake drug and fooling people around. They also managed to get hold of around 400 so called herbal pills. Certain renowned company including Pfizer has been actively participating in this anti- counterfeit drug act where they employed people under Ex-FBI and CIA. Other than this, there are many other pharmacy companies that have been taking steps to curb this problem. Already there are many who have been facing jail sentence when they were caught.

Health is a necessity where ether is no room for compromise. The government must for this reason take steps that can combat all such illegal acts and allow one to intake basic medications without any second thoughts.

Oakland Raider’s Players Arrested for Viagra Misuse

A player of Oakland Raiders Football team Louis Murphy was arrested of possessing the popular erectile dysfunction medication- Viagra. The player also disobeyed the police officer refusing to accept the arrest warrant, at the traffic spot in Gainesville, Florida.

The player was observed in Cadillac Escalade with a loud banging music, the Gainesville officer Thomas Harrison made great efforts by pulling the car over, but it was of no use. The player then refused to reveal his identifications and also did not listen to the officers when told to put his both hands behind his back. On this adamant approach, he was taken in to custody by three Gainesville officers.

The player’s vehicle Escalade was searched for any proof and evidences, and then the officers came across non labeled bottle containing 11 pills, which were later on recognized as generic Viagra.

After the investigations, Murphy was questioned regarding the bottle containing 11 tablets. On this he admitted it was his, and the labels were removed by him, as he wanted his girlfriend to be unaware that he has got the prescription for the drug.

Louis Murphy is a very popular Football player starring at the Florida University, where he shared lots of efforts in capturing two BCS national Championship in the year 2007 and 2009. During the 4 th round of selection out of the Florida, and two receivers when taken by Oakland in the year 2009, it was revealed that Louis was one of the most pleasant surprises of that year as the emerging star and team’s most consistent player.

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Impotence is the After Effects of Prostate Cancer Surgery…

The major adverse –effect men have to undergo after the surgery of prostate cancer is that their sexuality is affected. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a composer who had to undergo the surgery of prostate cancer and has openly declared his impotence recently. Where most of the men hide behind the cocoon when it comes to revealing their sexual status, there are surely a few who stand apart and are op0en enough to reveal the truth fearlessly.

The Really Useful Group‘s composer with 13 hits had to remove his organ as that assured him absolute remedy. Before the surgery, he was aware of this adverse effect. However he was assured that his life wouldn’t lose its charm. There is more than sex that grants pleasure in life and for him it is music and his children.

He has been married thrice and has broken relationship with two of his wives. Sarah Hugill was his first wife and there were two children out of this relationship. Sarah brightman was his second wife whom he divorced after 6 years.

He is being advised various sex therapies and other medications to revive his sex life. However he is content with his present status and has got over sex.

He has also been given the option of Viagra but he seems reluctant.

However there are cases when men have been able to have a healthy sex life after prostate cancer with the help of generic Viagra and other anti-impotence medications such as buy generic Cialis. Changes of regaining erection is 60-70% with the help of FDA  anti-impotence medicines.

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Cialis Can Cure Raynaud’s Disease

Drugs which are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction are proving to be more and more beneficial to humans. Medical experts have said that the potency of the drugs like Viagra and Cialis can be used to treat other disorders as well. And the fact is that it is doing so with great effect.

Today, there are lots of people who suffer from the rare problem called as Raynaud’s Disease. This diseases leads to the discoloration of your toes and fingers. It has been observed that when people suffering from this condition are exposed to cold weather, their toes and fingers will either turn red or white. This is caused to the dysfunction of the blood vessels around those areas. A total of 5 percent of the US population have this condition and doctors believe that stress may also be a reason behind it. Now new studies reveal that drugs like Cialis will help the people who are down with Raynaud’s disease.

Research and survey was conducted to see the affects of the generic Cialis medicine on the disease. The participants comprised of men and women alike. After the intake of this drug for a continuous duration of some day, it was found that the patients reported marked improvements in their raynauds’s condition. Cialis has this great ability to open up the blood vessels and boost and regulate the flow of blood to your body. This has a very good effect with people who have finger ulcers.

More than 77% of the people’s finger ulcers were gone and so were the red and white spots in 44% of the patients. They did not even report any kind of side effects as well. These are encouraging signs indeed.