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Herbal Sex Boosters have Viagra Ingredients


Lots of men in the US are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. It has been estimated that about 12 million men in America are down with these sexual condition. To get rid of this problem, they take Anti-impotence drugs to get that much needed amount of relief. Now, people have become wary of drugs because of their increased side effects. This is the reason why they are opting for herbal remedies because they are natural and boost the flow of blood to your penile regions. Natural medicines do not have any side effects. But the FDA has warned the users of a herbal sex boosting drug that this pill contains ingredients found in famous drugs like Generic Viagra and Cialis.

The product is called as ExtenZe and its fake version has chemicals like Sildenafil and Tadalafil. These compounds are known to be present in drugs like Viagra and Cialis and they are well known around the world to boost the sexual energy of men. These drugs are to be taken after taking the prescription from the doctor. This applies to the fake herbal product. The real, the authentic ExtenZe drug is pure in nature and does not have any of the above chemicals. Off late, it has been noticed that some of the Anti-Impotence drugs are being sold in the herbal form, often misleading the consumers. Some companies have also recalled the drugs which contained such ingredients.

These medicines are being marketed as Herbal products but the fact about these counterfeit pills is that they are laced with compounds found in drugs like Viagra. Sildenafil does not belong to the herbal medicine world, so the sale of such products is purely illegal. These fake drugs are sold to get rid of Sexual dysfunction, to boost the body and to attain weight loss. Experts say that the consumers should be aware of this scam and that they should buy only drugs from a licensed pharmacist. The FDA is taking strict measures to curb the sale of fake drugs. New regulations should be created so that the sale of drugs can be monitored.