A Drug called as EOD for Impotence could Prove Fatal

Guys, Beware of fake drugs that can hamper your health. A new drug called as EOD has been doing the rounds for quite some time. The news is that this medicine, which is being marketed as an effective treatment to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction in men, is actually laced with chemicals which are very dangerous to the health of the consumer. The Drug Regulation authorities have issued a warning which says that this drug, called as Erection on Demand, should not be taken by those who want to get rid of Impotence related issues. This is being its composition is not genuine and cases are coming in wherein some users have been hospitalized or have complained about dizziness and other severe side effects.

This is really not a good piece of news because people are falling prey to drugs which are purely fake by nature. Today, genuine drugs like Viagra, Generic Cialis, Kamagra and the likes are authentic and they have been approved by the FDA. These medicines boost the flow of blood to your penile regions and help in getting an erection that was eluding you for so long. This EOD drug, seems to have lot of adverse side effects on the consumer and it could lead to further health complications like heart failure, stroke and other. So the users should be aware of what they are buying and should purchase only from licensed pharmacists so that their health is not at risk. The sale of pills like EOD should be stopped at the earliest.