Apricus will now Enter with Impotence Cures

Apricus is a pharmaceutical company offering quality medications and drugs. The company is now seeking European approvals for selling brand new erectile dysfunction cream, which is recently introduced in the markets. The newly introduced creams could serve a super alternative treatment to quality medications and generic sex pills. Men now-a-days rely on quality generic drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. However, consistent and frequent consumption of these medications would not serve healthier.

Erectile dysfunction creams prove the best solution, since, they are required to be applied externally the chances of side effects and reactions are lowered to a major extent. Bassam Damaj, the president and chief executive of Apricus, getting the approvals for this ointment was a big thing. The cream is called Vitaros. However, the cream is under examinations, to evaluate its effectiveness and safety for people using the drug. The cream is a combination of alprostadil which is already FDA approved in USA.  The ointment takes the time of around five minutes to make a move, once the molecules get absorbed in the skin it starts performing. Vitaros is already approved for selling in Canada the cream is expected to appear in markets by 2011 endings.