Now Several UK and European Pharmacies under the shelter of UK-Medix

According to Paul Thompson, the head of forward planning and strategy at UKmedix, the company is planning for further expansion plans by emerging various well working pharmacies form UK and Europe. The decision was taken by evaluating incredible growth in the last two quarters of year 2010, this has concluded by strengthening the network of pharmacies within UK. As per their emerging plans, millions of investments are expected in 2011 an 2012.

UKmedix has set certain targets to achieve in the coming years, with this expansion the company is trying to ease their struggles of attaining the targets with huge investments in business. According to the management, as far as financial terms are concerned, they are planning to buy about a multi million Euro pharmaceutical markets throughout UK and Europe. However, according to their expansion plans, the company is making a huge investment in their staff with an intention to double up the work force.

UKmedix is a renowned pharmacy and is popular for providing impotence treatments and drugs like Cialis has been contributing majorly in generating revenue. According to the authorities, customers serve their main priority.  Complete assurance will be provided to customers in case of offering similar services and products; in fact the facilities may also increase for the betterment of customers. However, this expansion and merging would not affect the commitments given to the consumers.